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Video demonstrations featuring our estate fencing and metal tree guard manufacturing and installation techniques.

Metal Tree Guard Production

Metal tree guards being manufactured in our workshop in Suffolk.

Producing Claw Feet for Estate Fencing

Producing Claw Feet for estate fencing Panels our workshop.

Rolling Steel Curves for Estate Fencing

We come to site equipped to roll steel for curves and corners in estate fencing Runs.

Estate Fencing Being Installed in Essex

Our Machine holds a 120 estate fencing posts. Posts are driven 1m into the ground at rate of
around 400 posts per day.

How Scrolls Are Made For Metal Field Gates

At Designer Metal we make our own Scrolls for the top of our field gates.

Metal Bi-Folding Gates

A pair of bi folding metal gates being manufactured in our workshop.

Installing 6ft Tall Deer Fencing.

Installing Deer Fencing in hard ground in Northamptonshire using our hydraulic post driver and a forklift.
Deer fencing posts are driven 120 cms into the ground.

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