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Half Metal Tree Guards

Top quality British made metal tree guards.

Galvanized half tree guards in stock ready for sale

1/2 tree guards and full guards packaged for delivery, shrink wrapped to protect paint.

We have over 2000 Tree Guards in stock at all times, with each guard available in 4 different finishes. The picture on the right shows palletized guards ready for dispatch. We can now get 20 half guards on a pallet making them very cheap to deliver in large quantities. If ordered by mid day Monday we can generally dispatch the same week (unpainted). All painted guards are stretch-wrapped to protect the finish.

Stakes used to secure to the ground.

Metal 1/2 Tree Guard finshed in a galvanize

Each Tree Guard comes with 3 ground stakes and nuts and bolts included in the price. These are packaged in white sacks and can be found in the centre of the Tree Guards on the pallet. The picture on the right shows a Half Guard in a galvanized finish. This will dull over time and is entirely maintenance free.

Tree Guard Finishes

Rust finish guard protecting a tree.

half tree guards one finshed in galvanized and the other in a black painted

The picture above on the left shows a rust finish Half Guard. It is only partially rusted and will take about a year to gain an evenly rusted finish. Like our galvanized tree guards it is entirely maintenance free. Customers need have no fear for structural corrosion. These guards will last for many decades and really looks at home in a rural environment. If you look closely at the picture you can see the tree has wire mesh for protection against rabbits. The tree guard helps disguise this and still retainslooks great. The picture on the right shows a painted Half Guard. A painted finish is typically good for 5-10 years. Note: It is very hard to transport and fit guards without chipping the paintwork so we recommend that all guards are re-touched after fitting, this will prolong the paint finish.

Guards installed at Bawdsey Manor in Suffolk

Tree guards at Bawdsey Manor in Suffolk. We supplied all these guards in a rust finish for protection against deer and rabbits. Most of our Half Guards are sold for protection from deer or sheep.

Size illustration of our Classic Guards highlighting the Half Guard


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