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Full Metal Tree Guards

British made full metal tree guards.

Full metal tree guard in stock finshed in a rust finish.

Full tree guard galvanized being washed down after the process of galvanizing.

Bare metal tree guards after production in our workshop in Suffolk. We are very proud of the fact we can produce our Guards here in the UK and compete on price with importers. This allows us to ensure quality and manage stock levels so customers seldom wait more than a few days. Customers can also purchase tree guards confident in the knowledge that if they come back in a years’ time we will still be producing matching guards. Every part of the production process except the galvanizing is done in-house so you will be dealing with a firm that is in complete control of their product.

Tree Guard Delievred across Europe on pallets for quick and easy delivery

Tree Guards Delivered Across Europe big order of full galvanized guards

Palletized guards awaiting dispatch. We can get 10 Full Guards on a pallet making larger orders cheap to deliver. We use a national pallet service and can meet most delivery requirements. Painted or galvanized and painted Tree Guards have a layer of stretch wrap between each guard when packaged. All Guards are attached to the pallet with steel banding.

Tree Guards delivered to your door and packaged so the paint doesn't get damaged.

Tree guards packaged to a high strandard to ensure no damage in transport.

The pictures above show an order for 58 Tree Guards destined for Scotland. The client received their guards 3 days after they ordered.

Full Tree Guard our best selling guard and always kept in stock

The Full Guard is our bestselling guard since we started production in 1998. It really is a terrific all-rounder offering the best protection from all forms of stock and deer. Customers with heavy horse or cattle may wish to consider our larger PARK or ESTATE GUARDS. However, in the right soil and correctly fitted, the Full Guard will do the job at a fraction of the price.


Tree Guards installed up a driveway to protect against Deer

Deer Tree Guards

Full Tree Guards on a winters morning.

The Tree guards above (in Kersey, Suffolk) and below (in Rowler, Northamptonshire) were all purchased to protect trees from deer.

Metal Tree Guards installed all over the field to protect against deer on the Rowler Estate.

Tree Guide Size chart with full guard highlighted.


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