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Post Drivers and Post Installation Tools

I’ve spent 30 years putting up Estate Fencing and in those 30 years have installed hundreds of thousands of meters all over England, Wales, Scotland, Anglesey, Isle of Man and France. In that time, I encountered every soil type and installed in the best and worst conditions. The post thumper in this video is by far the best tool for the job.

For most of the 90s I used a hand thumper, and these are fine for smaller runs of fencing. 100m a day with one of these is possible (more with 2 men) but its hard work and consecutive days become harder and harder.

Later I would always have one on every job because they will drive posts through large tree roots and stubborn obstacles better than anything else.

These hand thumpers can be purchased together with a fencing order for £100 + vat and are fully refunded when returned to us.

Hand held post driver tool.

From 2000 onwards I used an air driven thumper. These were great in good soil conditions but struggled in hard ground. They were prone to freezing and very sensitive to dust and dirt in the air lines. We were forever stripping them down and cleaning them, but they would seize up a lot.

I put in a lot of metres with them and purchased about 10 of them in the 12 years I used them for. 

Air driven post driver.

In 2012 I discovered these Atlas Copco hydraulic thumpers and have never looked back. We adapted the handles with anti-vibration mounts at each end and fabricated guides to suit our posts. They can be slung off a digger or teleporter boom.

hydraulic thumper mounted on diggerIn heavy clay I can put a post in in less than 10 seconds which is 4-6 times faster than the air or petrol driven equivalents.

Having spent years using all types of thumpers, the main issue for the user is vibration through the hands and the less time spent hanging onto them the better.

Atlas Copco LPD-T – adapted with anti-vibration mounts at each end of handles and a guide to suit our estate fencing posts.

Price: £1700 + vat

Or hire for £100 + vat per day (£1700 + vat deposit)

Or hire thumper and hydraulic power pack for £150 + vat per day (£4000 + vat deposit)

Atlas Copco LPD-T hydraulic post driver.

Initially I thought they were too heavy (45kgs but with hoses attached the lift is nearer 60kgs) to be used by hand.

I mounted them on a hangman frame on the back of a truck with hydraulic pullies to lift the thumper.

It worked well but positioning was more awkward than I liked.

Truck mounted Atlas Copco LPD-T
Truck mounted Atlas Copco LPD-T post driver in use

In 2016 I purchased a tracked fencing machine with a mast that moved in all planes and mounted a thumper to it. We used this on all our larger installations.

It was a single man operation and we would average about 400 posts a day, day in day out, with little fatigue to the operator. I sold it when we stopped installing in 2020.

Tracked fencing machine with Atlas Copco LPD-T post driver attached.
Close up of Atlas Copco LPD-T post driver on tracked fencing machine.
All that said, by far the quickest way to use these is by hand and for the right operator on the right job it is logistically the easiest method. I’ve put in over 500 posts in a day like this. On all the jobs we did under a 1000m I would use the thumper by hand. It’s heavy enough to go through most rubble, made up ground and soil with small stones or rocks.

It’s very controllable and getting posts upright is easy. It’s almost maintenance free and has never given us any trouble or broken down on any installation. The striking dollies last forever and I have never had to replace any of the components.

Post driver/thumper for manually installing posts.

Post Driver: Our 25kg two-man post driver provides enough weight to drive posts through almost anything. Furthermore, these are designed to exactly fit either the flat or feature top posts we supply.

£100 + vat.

Post straightner for adjusting posts in the ground.

Post Straightener: From time to time you will hit obstacles in the ground and posts will be far from upright. The Post Straightener slips over the post and bends posts at the ground level into a upright position. A must if installing into stony ground.

£75 + vat

pegging out pins
pins pegged out

Steel Pins are used for pegging out the fence line (in 20mm bar as shown) prior to installing the posts. This facilitates the formation of gentle curves and flowing fence lines. These are available to buy in sets of 12 (price refundable on return). Pins are 48cm long, made from 12mm round bar.

£20 +vat per dozen