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Estate Fencing Painting

We paint the majority of our Estate Fencing leaving it looking very smart. All painted fences receive a two coat paint finish. We use a very high zinc based primer followed by a high zinc based top coat. The paints we use are highly rust resistant and give a tough finish.

estate fence undercoat painted when the conditions allow us

Estate Fencing being Painted Black with our fast effective equipment

To ensure a good quailty finsh a undercoat is sprayed followed by the top coat

Fencing is sprayed both sides to ensure a good finish

When painting all precautions are taken to ensure spray doesn’t go a drift

Metal Fencing freshly painted in devon

Alternatively, fences can be left to rust. Within 6 months or so you are left with an estate fence that looks as if it has been up for years and blends in beautifully with a country setting. Structurally, corrosion will not be a problem within a customer’s life time.


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