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Estate Fencing Supply Only

Estate Fencing metal posts and components for self-installation. Perfect for country estates, farms, parkland and gardens. Our continuous welded system is designed for superior strength and longevity. Available direct from our workshop and delivered throughout the UK.

Estate Fencing

We supply everything needed to install estate fencing. Ideal for farm or country estate owners, fence contractors or practical individuals. This option reduces the cost of installation while adding value to your property.

Fence posts are driven in or concreted and the rail then simply threaded through and welded. Supplied unpainted, our traditional estate fencing can be left to colour naturally with no loss of structural integrity.

Estate Fence posts in stock
  • We guarantee the structure of our steel estate fencing for 60 years (not including accident or damage).
  • Estate fencing for use with heavy stock without the need for electrification or backstays.
  • Fully welded construction, not clip together.
  • Generous steel section sizes
  • Installed to a minimum depth of 800mm
  • We may be able to recommend fencing contractors in your area.
For an exact price for supply-only, simply send us a bill of quantities by email to: [email protected] or phone: 01473 658 111
Please provide your post code, gate requirements and any other relevant information.

On this page: • Estate Fencing Posts • Deer Fencing Posts • Corner / End Posts and Quadrants • Field Gate Kits • Installation tools

Video Guides – How to Install Estate Fencing:

Ordering Info:

Most items are in stock. Please contact us with your postcode for delivery prices. Phone: 01473 658111 or email us
We deliver across the UK!

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Five Rail – Metal Estate Fencing Posts:

5 rail estate fencing posts in 5 different styles
Posts stand 1200mm out of the ground.
Post spacing: 1 metre max.
Drive-in posts sold as 2000mm, actual post length may vary: 1950mm min to 2050mm max.

Specifications and Prices: All measurements are in millimetres.
‘Post + Rails’ price is per 1 metre length of fencing. Fencing is sold in multiples of 6 metres. All prices subject to VAT

StylePost SectionTop RailLower RailsPost LengthPost PricePost + Rails

Note: We recommend use of the 2000mm (drive-in) posts where possible (even if concreting in) to give a more secure footing in the ground.

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Deer Fencing Posts (8 Rail):

Deer fence posts in two styles
Posts stand 1830mm (6 ft) out of ground.
Post spacing: 1 metre max.
Deer fencing

Specifications and Prices. All measurements in millimetres.
‘Post + Rails’ prices are per metre. Rail sold in 6 metre lengths.
All prices subject to VAT

StylePost SectionTop RailLower RailsPost LengthPost PricePost + Rails

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1.2m Fence Posts for Fabrication or Wall Mounting

1.2m Metal Fence Posts for wall mounting or fabrication.
Example of how metal wall plates can be used with fence posts.

Specifications and Prices. All measurements in millimetres.
‘Post + Rails’ price is per 1 metre length of fencing. Fencing is sold in multiples of 6 metres only.
All prices subject to VAT

StylePostTop RailLower RailsPost LengthPost PricePost + Rail
Wall base plates
Corner / End Post60x60x1200mm-£50.00
Base / Side Plate150x60x6mm2 (14mm)£5.00
Base / Side Plate150x150x6mm4 (14mm)£10.00

Base/side plates are sold separately and do not come welded to posts

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Claw Feet

Claw Feet

Ideal for areas with services.
When we install I always take half a dozen or so claw feet with me. I was often in situations where my customers had an idea of where underground services ran (water, power, gas, telecoms) but could not be 100 percent.

Simply cut your fence post down and weld to the claw foot and install over area with services. Claw goes into the ground 400mm.

They are not as stable as a fence post driven in 800mm but fence lines will support a few of these without compromising the overall rigidity. Can be tapped in gently with a hammer or post driver.

£15 + VAT EACH

Horizontal Rails

Our fencing uses 20mm Solid Round Bar, 25x8mm Solid Flat bar and 16mm Solid Round Bar.

Fence rails being moved by forklift
In order to offer customers the complete package we can supply 20mm round bar, 25x8mm flat bar and 16mm round bar in 6 metre lengths. As delivery for small quantities of these items could be expensive it may be preferable for the customer to order these direct from their local Steel stock holder.
Curving the rail for estate fencing
We also offer a rolling service which will be essential for those wishing to erect fencing with tight curves. Please provide us with your radius over distance and we can pre-roll your round and flat bar for easy installation.
£. Prices for all on application

Corner / End Posts and Quadrants

Square section posts for corners and ends of fencing runs.
60mm square posts with caps and balls.
80mm square posts with caps and balls.

60x60x4mm Box section post capped with a solid 80mm ball.
£65 + vat each
80x80x5mm Box section post capped with a solid 100mm ball.
£90 + vat
Cut at 1875mm long (stands 1200mm out of the ground approx.) these are the same posts used on our 1m and 2m Field Gates. Please visit Field Gates page for more photos

Deer Fencing End Posts
2.5 metres long 80x80x5mm box section post capped with a solid 100mm ball.
£120+ vat
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diy corner-end post kit

Corner/End Post Kits

These kits include the solid metal ball, the cap with hole punched and a length of box section. Standard height post is 1.875 metres; Deer height post is 2.5 metres. Requires welding.

Standard post kit (60x60mm) : £40+ vat each
Large post kit (80x80mm) : £60+ vat each
Deer height post kit (80x80mm ) : £90+ vat each

Quadrant end finisher for our estate fencing.

Quadrant End Finisher

To be used where your fence line finishes at a river bank, ditch etc. Made with 60x60x4mm box section post capped with a ball. Also available with flat rails to match fencing. Please specify when ordering.

Bare metal: £495+ vat each
Painted: £600+ vat each
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Field Gate Kits

Gate kit components

Ideal for fabricating your own bespoke gates when self-installing our estate fencing.

Small Gate Kit (up to 2m openings) £215 + Vat

2 x 60×60 posts capped with an 80mm solid ball • 2 x gate spines (40×12) • 2 x scrolls • 2 x peg hinges • 2 x eye bolts • Latch bolt • Latch taker • Latch support with stock proof tab

Large Gate Kit ( up to 3.68 opening) £295 + Vat

2 x 80×80 posts capped with an 100mm solid ball • 2 x gate spines (50×15) • 2 x scrolls • 2 x peg hinges • 2 x eye bolts • Latch bolt • Latch taker • Latch support with stock proof tab

Double Gate Kit £355 + Vat

2 x 80×80 posts capped with an 100mm solid ball • 4 x gate spines (40×12) • 4 x scrolls • 4 x peg hinges • 4 x eye bolts • Latch bolt • Latch support with stock proof tab • Clapping Plate • 2 x drop bars + 4 drop bar guides

Note: Kits are unpainted mild steel and require additional bar for horizontals and bracing.

Decorative flowers (for the centre of cross braces): £5.00 + vat each.

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Estate Fencing Installation Tools

Please return these tools to us after your installation. We refund the purchase price – IN FULL – the same day.
Note: Tools are made at a break-even cost and are only offered to customers who purchase fencing/posts from us.
Post driver/thumper for manually installing posts.

Post Driver: Our 25kg two-man post driver provides enough weight to drive posts through almost anything. Furthermore, these are designed to exactly fit either the flat or feature top posts we supply. Please watch the video above for a demonstration of how to use the post driver.

£100 + vat.

Post straightner for adjusting posts in the ground.

Post Straightener: From time to time you will hit obstacles in the ground and posts will be far from upright. The Post Straightener slips over the post and bends posts at the ground level into a upright position. A must if installing into stony ground.

£75 + vat

pegging out pins
pins pegged out

Steel Pins are used for pegging out the fence line (in 20mm bar as shown) prior to installing the posts. This facilitates the formation of gentle curves and flowing fence lines. These are available to buy in sets of 12 (price refundable on return). Pins are 48cm long, made from 12mm round bar.

£20 +vat per dozen

Estate fencing installation in a large park