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The Benefits of Designer Metal Estate Fencing

Estate fencing installation in an english country park.

Designer Metal installs thousands of metres of metal fencing across the UK every year. We combine modern technology with traditional design and materials to offer a truly bespoke fencing service. From our Suffolk workshop, we provide a range of high-quality estate fencing supplies, including livestock tree guards, deer fencing, field gates and iron railings.

Our estate fencing doesn’t just create a beautiful focal point on the landscape, but also provides a strong, functional feature that keeps livestock securely in and unwanted visitors out. Here we explore some of the benefits of our Designer Metal Fencing:


Solid Installation

Our methods of installation ensure unmatched rigidity and strength in our fencing and all work is carried out by our experienced, highly-trained and well-equipped staff.

Each fence post is driven pneumatically to a depth of at least 800mm into the ground, which is up to twice as deep as other systems on the market. Each rail is welded to every post on site (5 x 1” welds per post) and not just tacked together like some of our competitors do.

All our estate fencing is designed to last a lifetime and comes with a 50-year structure guarantee.


Adding to a Setting

Designer Metal provides visually unobtrusive, effective barriers which add to the beauty of a setting, rather than detracting from it.

We arrive on site with steel rolling equipment and install a continuous welded system which allows us to work around curves of any radius. This means we are able to work with no prior knowledge of the site or need to measure up, which saves both parties a lot of time. Our methods allow us to follow contours and curves in ways that is not possible with pre-fabricated panels.

Our deer fencing stands at an imposing 8 feet tall, but we can manufacture and install at any specified height. When viewed from a distance, the deer fencing is relatively transparent and allows unobscured views of the surround land.


Low Maintenance

Once installed in the ground and welded solidly into place, our fences are spray-painted with a high zinc-based primer and then coated on both sides with an industrial-grade top coat. This ensures full protection against even the most severe weather.

All our metalwork can then be finished in any colour or left to rust naturally. There is no need to treat or paint your metalwork again for many years, making our estate fencing truly low-maintenance, while maintaining its solid structural integrity.


Metalwork Options

All our metal estate fencing supplies, including livestock tree guards, domestic iron railings, deer fencing and field gate, can be completed in a wide range of styles with different feature tops and finished in a variety of colours or simply left to rust.

Please request our new catalogue to explore our entire range of materials, fencing options, finishes and feature options. To discuss your fencing requirements, speak to one of our friendly team today on 01473 658111, email [email protected] or click here to see some of our recent testimonials.


Why is Estate Fencing Proving so Popular on New-Builds?

Estate fencing with gate in front of new build residential property.

At first sight, the idea of using traditional estate fencing on new-build properties might seem out of place because a lot of people might not expect to see the combination of contemporary architecture and building techniques being used in conjunction with traditional materials.

Designer Metal are estate fencing experts, specialising in the installation and fabrication of estate fencing, metal railings and tree guards. Here, we explore why the designers and architects of new-build properties are increasingly choosing estate fencing for use on their projects.

Clear Boundaries

Traditional estate fencing is becoming increasingly popular with new-build property developers, designers and architects because the clean and durable metal railings provide clear, effective boundaries, while at the same time maintaining a feeling of openness and freedom.

Incorporating estate fencing into a new-build sets the initial tone for the exterior of the property and gives it a traditional, upmarket feel because estate fencing are often associated with large, sweeping country estates, or long tree-lined driveways leading up to grand stately homes.

Our wide range of traditional estate fencing and metal railings create a boundary without being imposing or obscured views and do a fantastic job of drawing the eye towards the smart, contemporary new-build properties.

Saving Time & Money

Estate fencing is increasingly favoured by new-build architects and designers because of just how quick it is to install. Our experienced and hard-working Designer Metal installation team arrive on site with steel rolling equipment and install a continuous welded fence system which is both low-maintenance and durable.

This allows us to work around contours and curves of any radius without prior knowledge of the site or any need to measure up beforehand – this saves both us and the designers of the property a lot of time and money.

New-Build Quality

Traditional estate fencing complements this style of property so well because the people who are attracted to new-builds want a clean, durable property that is ready to live in immediately with a long period of little-to-no maintenance.

Compared to wooden fencing, our range of robust, long-lasting estate fencing and metal railings offer the perfect clean, durable and low-maintenance qualities that new-build buyers are looking for.

Estate Fencing by Designer Metal

Our highly-trained and experienced staff pneumatically drive each fence post at least 800mm into the ground. We drive our fence posts up to twice as deep as other systems and employ a fully-welded construction over the weaker ‘clip-together’ fencing systems that some of our competitors use. The depth of installation is one of the key factors in producing our strong fences and we guarantee the structure of our steel estate fencing for 50 years.

Over the last 20 years, we have encountered every type of soil and haven’t once been unable to complete an installation. Our estate fencing is available in a variety of styles and with a range of feature tops and finishes, including unpainted (rust finish), painted, galvanized or galvanized and painted.

If you are an architect, property developer or new-build owner and want to create an attractive, traditional feel for the exterior of your property by installing estate fencing or metal railings, speak to the experts Designer Metal today on 01473 658111, email [email protected] or simply click here and fill in our contact form.


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