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Deer Fencing

Designer Metal deer fencing is built to last. 50x12mm posts @1m centres driven 1m into the ground, a solid 20mm round top rail and 25x8mm flat rails on edge below. It stands 8 ft, or more commonly 6 ft, tall and weighs 3.15 tonnes per 100m.

As with our estate fencing we install a continuous welded system, allowing us to follow ground contours and curves beautifully. The use of generous steel sections and our method of installation, gives our product great rigidity and strength. You are truly investing in a last-a-lifetime deer fence that will be enjoyed by generations to come.

Fencing 8ft high installed in Hampshire.

The iron fencing in all the pictures on this page stands an imposing 8ft tall. However, we will manufacture and install at any specified height. The photos above and below clearly show how a continuous welded system, when properly installed, will follow curves and ground contours.

Fencing 8ft high following the continuous curve.

Please do not confuse our system of Deer Fencing with off-the-shelf, lighter gauge, clip-together, imported systems on the market today.

Deer fencing made to finish in the lake to keep the livestock in place.

Every Deer Fencing installation we do is undertaken by our fully employed members of staff. Nothing is too much trouble. Often on estate or deer fencing projects there are bespoke sections that, when given enough time, care and thought, produce stunning results.

8ft gates installed with swoops to match the height of the gates.

Iron Fencing swooping down to a slightly lower set of gates in a beautiful estate setting. Gates can be made to any size either as a single leaf or as a set of doubles.

Deer fencing in Northamptonshire on a country Estate.

Deer Fencing in Northamptonshire, UK.

deer fencing standing strong but not obstructing views.

When looked at from a distance or side on this 8ft Metal Deer Fence is relatively transparent allowing unobscured views of the surrounding country side.

8ft deer fencing with a corner post running straight down the line.

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