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Iron Railings

DesignerMetal specializes in railings for all markets. Whether you are a developer, landscaper or private householder we are happy to advise and provide the best product to suit your requirements. See bottom of page for price guide

Iron Railings

We use slightly heavier sections of steel than you see on most modern architectural metalwork today. We feel this really gives these pieces a quality feel, weight and a look of permanency that should be associated with all metal work, new as well as old.

Acorn post caps on chunky posts. We have a wide range of decorative post caps and railheads to choose from and can match or provide something very similar to anything you have seen and wish to reproduce.

A typical example of a railing panel and gate combo that was dispatched for the client or their builder to fit. Send us a simple front elevation sketch (as above) including all measurements and we can price you job instantly and offer any comment or advice we feel necessary. Should you wish to proceed, lead times are 4-6 weeks, however, small jobs like these generally get turned around well in advance of that. See bottom of page for price guide

Iron Railings

Bespoke railing systems for new builds.

Iron Railings

We deliver railings all over the UK.

A stack of ball top railings in various bespoke panel sizes. Later finished in black and dispatched to a landscaping firm in the Midlands. See bottom of page for price guide
Iron Railings

Heavy duty hoop to in white looking perfectally at home in a country garden.

Iron Railings

Classic urban railings with purposeful square section uprights giving a real look of strength.

classic urban iron railings

Secure boundries that look great. See bottom of page for price guide

Iron Railings

Wall Mounted railings. Easy installation when brick work is already in place. Panel simply bolts to right angle cleats that bolt to piers. The cleats are slotted, so there is plenty of adjustment in both planes.

wall mounted railings

Iron Railings

Collars and twists.

urban railings

Another urban railing. Note the use of butresses, giving extra support to these tall wall mounted railings, and adding to the aesthetics.

Iron Railings

Sloping Hoop Top framing a patio and stairwell in a pictured courtyard garden.

Choose from a large selection of railheads or provide us with a photo or picture of something you have seen and chances are we can match it.

Price Guide

With changeable steel prices and nearly all jobs having there own unique set of circumstances it is hard to publish an accurate price list. However as a rough guide prices are as follows:

Finished in a colour of your choice (not galvanized)

Railings 1000mm tall (approx) & under @ £80-£120 per linear metre + delivery + VAT

Railings 1000-2000mm tall (approx) @ £120-£160 per linear metre + delivery + VAT

Matching gates priced separately

Phone and we can give you a very good idea of cost immediately or send a drawing, sketch or email with exact measurements, spec, finishing requirements and delivery postcode for a down to the penny price.

As a rule we operate a 4-6 week lead time but if your needs are more immediate we will endeavour to fit in with your schedule.

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